Who Are We…
 kids shuttle service
By way of introduction, I am Eunice Cross, a working mother of two young children.  The concept of Kiddies Travel arose as a result of our son (who was 4 years old at the time) requiring after school transport.
Both my husband and I were working inflexible hours and it was difficult for either of us to collect him from school in the early afternoon. We therefore opted for utilising the services of certain school transport services in the area to ensure that our son was dropped off at home at least within 45 minutes after school ended. Similar to other parents, we required peace of mind that our child would be safe and be taking care of when collected and dropped off. 


Although most of the shuttle services did their best to provide good service, we encountered the problems highlighted below:
. No notification of drop-off
. No notification of delays experienced and reasons for such delays
. No consistent use of booster seats or correct sized booster seats
. Significant delay in drop off due to too many drop offs within a peak period
. Sporadic change in drivers and assistants with no notification, therefore no relationship established with individual drivers and assistants
. No pro-active awareness of school timetables
. Introduction by and consistent interaction and communication with owners of shuttle services, who at times lacked accessibility.

Within the context above, we introduce Kiddies Travel which aims to provide an exceptional, convenient scholar transport and shuttle service in accordance with our MISSION.


To provide safe, reliable, highly efficient transportation and shuttle service with personalised care.
To ensure open, consistent communication with our clients to meet their requirements and provide optimal service.