I have read a number of blogs which stress the importance of taking “me” time away from mommy duties. Believe me it’s easier said than done…. especially if you think you are the only one who can feed the baba or put her to sleep or run a household. I am a case in point…I have only today decided to leave home for the day and night to focus on me…that is after 9 months of pregnancy and 5 months post-partum. I found every excuse to not make my appointments for my day and at some point after too many kisses and goodbyes my son proclaimed “aren’t you going mummy?“. Finally I left home…driving on the M1, with my John Legend in the background, I remember feeling I AM FREE!!! No late night feeds, dirty diapers, milk bottles… It actually felt strange…good but strange. My me day consisted of massage therapies, bit of retail therapy…maybe too much, some Asian persuasion luncheon seeing that I am the only one who eats sushi at home, so went wild with this one. Ended my evening with a night at the movies….solo. Not completely solo, had Keanu Reeves keeping me company with some senseless action. Checked into some snazzy accommodation to catch up on some much needed sleep. The irony is that sleep has become a foreign concept to me so it took some time before I managed to silence my mind, let go of the panic that my babies (including my husband) were not coping and doze off. To my surprise my family managed quite ok without me, I received no calls or cries for help. In fact when I came home, it seemed like I never even left. So big up to my husband, nanny and 6 year old for pulling through!!!! I walked in make-up done, hair done, skin glowing, wearing my newly purchased outfit which I think flattered my post baby figure…all to impress…I was happy and refreshed and it showed. When the kids were finally asleep, my husband and I retreated to the couch, he put his arm around my shoulders and whispered “I really love this Mummy…we managed but we did miss you my love.”  (Exhale) With all the worries and fears that as mothers we create in our heads, at the end of it, it all works out.

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