So this morning I had to drag my lazy bones out of bed to go on my 8km jog, very necessary for me to lose my post-partum baby weight. So as I headed out the complex, it dawned on me that I can do my own direct marketing of Kiddies Travel as my market is literally within a foot’s reach. My direct/grass roots marketing (not sure if this is a technical term) involved dropping off Kiddies Travel pamphlets at complexes and schools on route and handing out pamphlets to fellow runners, walkers, children, construction workers, domestic workers, security guards, …basically everyone who would spare me a second to chat about my business. And believe me I am a talker!!!!! I could have had someone else do the job for a fee, but the interaction with diverse peeps was priceless and so rewarding. I was humbled by a plus 60 man who started jogging with me on his way to a construction site. As his introduction he told me I should not be fooled by his age and overalls, and then shared stories of his days as a comrades runner. And the two older Mozambican ladies at a corner street who tried to refine my poor Portuguese. Plus the husband who encouraged his annoyed wife to push a bit harder up the hill…great combination of love and perseverance!!! And a security guard who missed his family in the DRC and hoped to raise enough money to return. The lesson that I learned from this experience is to be thankful…thankful for my good health, loving family and friends, my home, my business…that we need to make the best of our circumstances and not lose hope….and that we each have the ability to empower people by a simple act of kindness and acknowledgement.

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